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Tuesday, December 28, 2004

it's 3 am...do you know what your Alycia is doing?

hi kids...
well, it's 3 am, but i can't sleep b/c i have a cold and i can't breathe out of my nose, so my throat hurts, so i can't sleep, etc... so instead i'm sitting here in bed thinking of what interesting things i can say to you (2?3?) readers out there...

well, the holidays are over, and i for one am tired. i think this is one of the first times when i have understood what people mean when they say that the holiday season is exhausting. i must be getting old. damn.

um...what else...okay, well, here's a mini-rant. Topic: AIM away messages:

so, here's something i've been thinking about that i bet some of you have thought about too. AIM away messages. i really think that they are a very complicated form of communication. at least, they can be, and they definitely are when i use them :o). Here's why: in your away message, you can say many things-stupid things, cute things, normal things like what you're doing at the moment, or you can quote songs or your friends or whatever. but the thing is, when you stick that away message up, don't you usually have someone, or a few someones, who that message is really for? i mean, sure, we all have tons of people on our AIM lists who we either don't remember who they are anymore, or we do remember but are really fine with never actually communicating with them, but then there are those meaningful 'buddies', the ones who you really want to read your away message, you know what i'm saying? ;) like, you quote a song, usually some love song or something, and you can always say 'oh, you know, it's nice, i just like it and wanted to share it', but do you really mean that? i mean, really?? isn't it in there b/c it means something to you? it says something that you want to say but you can't really say it so you say it a wonderfully passive-aggressive way? yes? or, am i the only one who uses away messages as an innuendo and subtext laden form of communication? oh, come on, you know you do it too :o)

mmm, now i feel much better :oP. okay people, if anyone out there knows what i'm talking about here, let me know i'm not alone!


Thursday, December 23, 2004

oh, the horror...

ugh...so, today i tried to buy presents. 3 hours in the mall, and i left with...zero presents. i did help my dad to get all of his presents for my mom, so at least someone made progress today! also, i found a great pair of boots that i'm going to get tomorrow, yay.
but, as far as all of the brilliant and thoughtful presents i want to get for all of the naughty/nice people on my list (i'm equal opportunity :o) ), and despite all of the glorious yet ambiguous ideas swimming around in my head, i have nothing. very sad. so, i'm heading to mall #2 tomorrow (morning? yes, morning. i will get up!) and will find great things for everyone i love. yes. it will be done! wish me luck!

also, i had the weirdest dream yesterday...i think it involved...a staircase that was impossible to climb, and i was wearing heels and had no upper arm strength (which is probably fairly accurate), and then their were a few people who i think i subconsciously have crushes on and really shouldn't, but they were just there, nothing kinky happened, i swear! anyway, this obviously does not sound like an interesting dream, but it was zany, take my word for it :o)

Tuesday, December 21, 2004

home for the holidays!

So, I'm home now for Christmas. It's nice to be here, I hadn't seen the fam since August. It's weird, I always feel so much older when I come home...like, today when I got here, I was immediately being useful instead of lazing around--I even cooked dinner! (Shrimp alfredo, tres yummy). Anyway, it's weird, I must be more mature now or something ;)
So, right now my dad is wrapping up all of the presents he got for a family he's supporting for Christmas, and I just keep thinking what a great guy my dad is. He got these 4 kids who are living with their Grandmother everything that they asked for, and then some, and he went out twice tonight to find what they asked for, and my dad hates shopping, this is big. He inspires me to be a better person. He's great. Yay, Dad. :o)
What else...mmm, I think I'm out of anything pseudo-interesting to say, so...more later! Mwah!

Monday, December 20, 2004

stayin' alive...

I'm done. I have finished my first semester of grad school. I have spent this weekend socializing like I've never socialized before (well, since last year). It has been grand.

To be more specific, Friday I was done with all of my stupid assignments and obligations at 3pm, then I headed to Brooklyn Friday night to party with my bestest friend Po-Po, who threw a holiday shindig, complete with yummy eggnog (I say yummy b/c it was 1 part eggnog, 2 parts bourbon, the only way that eggnog should ever be consumed), and this incredibly frightening Ukrainian beverage that I think was called Boilo, which you say just like you'd think, "Boy-low", except like it's one word. Yeah. That shit was fierce. I have to say that it conquered me. I could not defeat the Boilo (read: I couldn't finish my little shooter of the stuff. Whew!)
Okay, so the bf and I stayed with Po-po that night, then somehow ended up showing her boyfriend's dad around the city for a bit, which was funny, because he's from Ohio. Need I say more? No.

k, so then last night was my bf's office party, which was at the Hyatt, and involved only people much older than we are, but it was still really fun. They had this band there called "The Party Dolls" and they played 50s, 60s, and 70s, music, which I loved b/c it gave me an excuse to dance the way that is really fun, which is like you're in "Saturday Night Fever". It was great b/c where you're at da club you have to worry about whether or not you look hot, but I didn't have to worry about that b/c it was disco! I loved it! Sooooo much fun. And if I do say so myself, we looked pretty good out there on the dance floor :o). I could of course be thinking that b/c there was an open bar, but I really don't think so.

Okay, so then tonight we trimmed the tree at my bf's house with his parents and brothers, and that was really fun and entertaining. I don't know if my fam will have already put up the tree when I go home on Tuesday, so at least I got to participate in decorating someone's tree!

So, tomorrow, I have to wash about a month and a half's worth of laundry so that I can pack my suitcase for Tuesday. I am so dreading lugging all those clothes back and forth, ugh. Do you want to do it for me? I'll pay you :o)

Monday, December 13, 2004

I'm being productive, I swear.

hello! It's been awhile, but that's really because nothing very exciting has happened lately...
Well, I got all of my major papers out the way, which feels great, and now I just have two "debates" to do for my Couples class and my Adult Psychopathology class and a reaction paper (why do they assign reaction papers in grad school? It's a book report. Let's not front.) to hand in by Friday, and then I'm done!! And rest assured, people, I will be getting crazy drunk in celebration. :o)

Yeah, on Friday night I'm going to my friend Po-po's party in Brooklyn, and then on Saturday there's another party at my bf's job, which will probably be populated by a bunch of old people, but whatever, it's free, and there's live music and (open?) bar, so it'll be fun anyway. And I get to dress up for that one, and I like dressing up, so yay.

What else...well, I've been playing the Sims 2, which is a really addictive game, which is weird because it shouldn't really be so addictive, but it is! I think it's because I'm a psych person that I like playing a game where I'm controlling these little fake people with all sorts of issues. So, I guess it makes sense, really. I'm into people and how they think, so I like a game dealing with people and how they think. Yeah. Duh. (Do people still say 'duh'? I think I just slipped into being 12 for a minute. Please excuse!)

So, I should go. I'm sitting in the computer lab at school, pretending to print out my reading for this (last!) week of classes. Instead though, I bothered my bf's bro on AIM for awhile, and am now posting to this darling little blog. I need to get out of here and head to my practicum, where I need to turn in my notes for all of my sessions. There about a month late, I hope my supervisor doesn't chew me out. Oh well, I've got excuses. :o)

Love ya! I'll love you more if you comment!

Thursday, December 09, 2004

another marathon wednesday...

wednesday's are such a nightmare...especially when there's so much shit due, and i'm running on no sleep, and feel like i'm getting sick. ugh, it was delightful, let me tell you...and! you are not going to believe this. For my couples class we were supposed to turn in this really long, hard assignment, where we had to write up and do a case formulation of a couple, and I worked so hard on mine, and then in class today only me and one other student turned them in!! everyone else in the class is a 2nd or 3rd year, and none of them turned the paper in. not one. i was awe struck. i mean, hello, this is grad school. if i can bust my ass and get two papers done while feeling achy and like i want to die, you would think that everyone else could have managed to get their shit together...but no. pathetic.

anyway, i'm feeling much better tonight, which is good. i'm supposed to write a psych evaluation of Kevin Spacey's character from "American Beauty" and turn it in tomorrow, but i think i'll hand that in on friday. i'm tired. i need a rest. of course, it doesn't help that i started playing sims 2 tonight...that game is addictive. this does not bode well :o).

also, write a comment, won't you? i know someone must be reading this thing sometimes, right? so, share the love, tell me you love me. you don't have to be witty, i promise i won't judge you, just say hi! :o)


Wednesday, December 08, 2004


alright, guys.
I have just finished two of the three final papers that I have due in the next two days. Yay. this good news is compounded by some bad news, though. I have the flu. again. yes, again... are the gods angry with me? what have i done to deserve such misery? the flu is really the worst thing that can happen in life, and then to happen now, at the exact moment that i need to write all this stuff that hurts my brain. so not fair.

so, since i have to be up in 6 hrs, which may sound like a lot of sleep, but really isn't, especially when you are on the brink of death, you may be wondering why i'm posting to this blog right now...yeah, i'm wondering too...

peace out.

Monday, December 06, 2004

weather, progress, and lindsay

People. It is really fucking cold. I'm not pleased.

In other news, I am almost done with one of my 3 big papers. I just need to do the Mental Status and DSM diagnoses and it's done! (oh, and all the references) Isn't it exciting? Aren't you just about to pee your pants? I know, I know...

In other news, my friend Payton volunteered his projected career path for one Ms. Lindsay Lohan, who we both agree is hot, but headed for trouble. (I love Payton. We can speak unabashedly about the lives of pop culture princesses like it's okay that we know so much about their lives, when it is definitely not okay :o) )
So, here's his prediction:
1 - she breaks up w/ Wilder Valderamma
2 - she starts partying too hard and hanging out with Tara Reid too much (to which I replied: "ew, that girl is scary")
3 - she has a "bi-curious" experience
4 - she takes up smoking..seriously
5 - she dates a washed up member of some alt-rock band (think Maroon 5, Five for Fighting)
6 - she ends up dating a back-up dancer
7 - she finally goes back to college


Now, apparently, step 8 is what we all should be waiting for with baited breath, but I think the whole journey will be thoroughly entertaining :o)

*sigh* alright, back to (pseudo) work...

Sunday, December 05, 2004


So, I went to see Fiddler on the Roof last night with some of my Psy.D. buddies. It was Talia's birthday so we went to that and then went out after. I'd never seen the show before, and it was pretty good. The guy who played Tevye has done the role something like 1100 freakin' times, which is ridiculous, but at least that meant he knew what he was doing :o).
So then we went to this pub, where I had an Irish Coffee, and a New Brunswick Sunset, which is definitely a corny name for something that exists everywhere else too, and it'd be good if I knew what it's actually called or what was in it because it was really yummy and I highly recommend it. And then we went dancing, which I hadn't done in waaaaaaaay too long. It was fun. I should go out more. Yuh.

Mmm, what else...well, it's still finals time, and it still sucks. My brain is mush, which is unfortunate since I still have tons of stuff left to write, but alas.

So, I'm trying to figure out what to do for New Year's, since that's a much better use of my time than finishing my work. What are you doing? Got any good ideas? I think there's a comment thing on here, right? So I'm game for suggestions, or invites :o).

Friday, December 03, 2004

my sister's cousin's brother's nephew's dog told me...

so, it didn't work. My hair is still the exact same color it was before encountering "Brown Sable"...oh, well. I tried...also, I realize that I didn't actual say what the other thing was that I would undoubtedly do tonight as I procrastinated, and so that whole thing sounded really sketch, so let me clarify that the other thing was watching TV. That's it people. Get your minds out of the gutter :o)

so, funny story. My boyfriend's bro is a fencer, right? Way cool, I know. And he's really really good. Like, really. He wins international tournaments, etc. So, according to my boyfriend's dad, via my boyfriend's uncle, if you google him (my bf's bro), you come across a blog by this 13 y/0 girl who lists him as, and I quote, "lustable". Now, I had never heard this term before per se, but I must say, I like what I'm hearing. Never mind that she's 13 and obviously is way too preoccupied with all things sexual, but it's really funny. So, anyway, I'm so tickled that I know someone who's been declared "lustable" by pre-teens. Does that mean I'm extremely dull and have no life to speak of? Probably.


Thursday, December 02, 2004

sounds like a porn star's name

I'm dyeing my hair. As we speak. It's going to be "Brown Sable" (see title). Why am I dyeing my hair, you ask? Well, that's actually a pretty good question...I dunno, because I was at Wal-Mart looking for Anti-Freeze and bobby pins, so of course some permanent hairdye was right up there on the list! Also, I don't want to work, so what better way to procrastinate than by doing something spontaneous and slightly risky? And I feel less guilty doing this than doing the other thing I will undoubtedly do tonight as I ignore the three large assignments that I have left looming over my head. uh-huh.

Hmm...it's starting to tingle...I should probably go take care of that...

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