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Wednesday, July 06, 2005

Need a boost? Try Revvida!

Hi everyone :o)
So, my mom works with this company called Healing America, which makes herbal products, and they have a new, really effective energy drink called Revvida, which I've tried out a few times, and it works really well, so I wanted to start spreading the word about it! I have my own webpage where you can enter your address and get a free sample and see if it works for you, so check it out and order your free sample!
If you're thinking "Why the hell would I try this?" I'm also putting up links to info about Revvida, what's in it, why it's better than most multi-vitamins, but also gives you energy to get through long days!

My website (for the free sample of Revvida): http://www.alycia.healingamerica.com
To get all the info on Revvida, and other Healing America products, click on the "products" link on the left, or click here: http://www.healingamerica.com/?DealerID=28682&M=alycia
I also have a really great chart that compares Revvida to Red Bull and Sobe's Energy Drink, so let me know if you want to see that chart (there's no webpage link).
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