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Wednesday, December 21, 2005


Some more of my favorite finds from Found Magazine....

and my MOST favorite...

This one was found taped to a stop sign, apparently written by some neighborhood kids who were wise beyond their years :o). I love it.


Oh my god. I'm tired. I have been going nonstop since Thanksgiving, my apartment is a disaster area, I have no idea what today's date is, and I haven't done much but write papers and take tests for the past two weeks. On the plus side, I have lost a few pounds on this, the final-two-weeks-of-the-semester diet. Ugh.
I'm now in the process of writing my last paper. It's due in 5 hours. I just started it yesterday. It has to be 20 pages long. So you can see why I'm posting a blog entry NOW, of all times. Yes, I have absolutely lost my mind.
There've been some interesting things going on in my life, even though I feel like a blob of psychology knowledge with no personality or anything useful to contribute to life. For example, Byron went to Spain for a week, and I missed him, and then he came back, and I dreamed about weddings for two days straight. Weird. I think I was just waiting for his plane to crash horribly in the Atlantic, and when I knew he was actually back, my subconscious was like "oh, yay, so that means you ARE getting married, then!" Based on my dreaming, though, I think I know exactly what kind of wedding dress I want, so that's something :o). But based on my dreams, there's also going to be an Asian woman fighting with me about something throughout the whole process....not sure what that was about...Huh.
Okay, this is stupid, and probably the worst blog post ever, but oh well. It was a nice break from writing about Evidence Based Practice in Psychology, which I will be GLAD to send you a 20 page paper on for your reading pleasure in about 5 hours.
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