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Wednesday, April 27, 2005

only in south carolina...

so, i know i said i was going to work, but i feel sick and achy today, so i'm using that as an excuse to do things like catch up on all my friends' blogs. so i was looking at maggie's blog, and she has a post about the rules for students at Bob Jones University, which is in Greenville, SC. Now, i don't know if you know what Bob Jones university is, but I can tell you this much: it is one of the most embarassing things about being from the south, and an example of why i feel strong reservations about ever actually living in south carolina of my own free will again, b/c places like this school exist. uck.

okay, so here's maggie's post, about the rules for undergrads at bob jones U:
all undergrads must live on campus or with a relative. all students are assigned to a prayer group, which meets nightly. students must check out when they leave campus. freshmen and sophomores can't use their cars except to drive home for vacations. all students must be in their rooms and quiet by 11 p.m. all lights must be out by midnight. rooms are to be kept clean and will be inspected daily. e-mail is provided. no student may use any other e-mail program other than the filtered campus e-mail. all internet access is filtered. cell phones are permitted. students will be instructed in cell phone etiquette.

things that are not allowed: posters of music or movie stars or fashion models ("the subjects of personal photos should exhibit the modesty and appropriate physical contact we expect from our students." ); almost any kind of music (music must be compatible with the university's music standards: new age, jazz, rock, and country music is not permitted and contemporary christian music is not permitted (e.g., michael w. smith, stephen curtis chapman, WOW Worship, and so forth); video games rated T, M, or A (or having elements of blood and gore, sensual or demonic themes, or featuring suggestive dress, bad language, or rock music); tvs/dvd/vcrs; (dvd players in computers are not to be used to view movies); Residence hall students may not watch videos above a G rating when visiting homes in town and may not attend movie theaters.

INTERESTINGLY: weapons are apparently permitted and "all weapons must be turned in for storage. trigger locks are required for pistols."

in terms of dress code, there are separate pages for men and women. the specifications for male haircuts include untangled, not spiked, not shaved, not "shelved "(?), not dyed, etc. there are four levels of dress including morning dress, afternoon dress, sunday dress, and recreation/work dress. socks area always required.

for women, shorts are not allowed to be worn outside the fitness center. a skirt or dress is almost always required. pants may be worn to a FEW recreational activities. the midriff may NEVER be exposed. sleeves are REQUIRED. necklines may come no lower than four fingers below the collarbone. skirt hems should never come higher than the BOTTOM of the knee. pants, when worn, must be loose fitting, but low riders are never allowed. All dresses, skirts, pants, and shirts must be loose-fitting, "having a minimum of three inches of ease at bust and hips....An informal way to measure ease is to stand up straight and pinch the loose fabric on both sides of the hips or at the bust line. Without stretching the fabric, there should be at least a 3/4-inch fold of fabric on both sides." The females' hairstyle requirements boils down to not looking like a man. As in "Hairstyles should be neat, orderly, and feminine. Avoid cutting-edge fads and cuts so short that they take on a masculine look." No tattoos, excessive makeup, or body piercings OBVIOUSLY!

and i LOVE this: Abercrombie & Fitch and its subsidiary Hollister have shown an unusual degree of antagonism to the name of Christ and an unusual display of wickedness in their promotions. In protest, we will not allow articles displaying their logos to be worn, carried, or displayed (even if covered or masked in some way).

in terms of other expectations, there are many. all classes and chapels are mandatory. students are challenged to "develop christlikeness" the university forbids: dishonesty, lewdness, sensual behavior, adultery, homosexuality, sexual perversion of any kind, pornography, illegal use of drugs, and drunkenness, gambling, dancing, and the beverage use of alcohol.

dating takes place in chaperoned "mixed groups.'

if you want to get a job: you can only work until 10:25 on weekdays and midnight on the weekends. if you're a freshman (in college) you have to have an upperclassman WITH you to hold a job. you may not serve alcohol if you wait tables. you may not sell anything door-to-door. and you may never miss your nightly prayer meeting on weekdays.

And please remember: Keep in mind that obeying the student handbook can never make you spiritual. Only the Spirit of God can produce spiritual fruit in a life.

posted by Maggie @ 11:39 PM

isn't that unbelievable??? i don't know even know where to begin. can you believe that such blatant stifling of individuality and lack of acceptance is actual promoted by these people? and also, all under the guise of being good christians?? sickening. I just found this amazing and shocking and wanted to talk about it, so...there you go.

yo yo yo...

so, it's been ages, but what can I say, I'm a busy woman. :o)
So, the semester's almost done, I would say I was happy about that, except that it means that I would be happy about all the crap-tastic stuff due in the next week and a half, and I am definitely not happy about that. Also, I start summer classes two weeks later, which upsets me to no end.
But! exciting is that we bought our tickets to El Salvador! B and I are officially taking our first vacation together at the end of July, when we go to my friend Tanya's wedding there, which is where she's from. My first destination wedding! I'm so excited, it'll be a blast, and v. much needed by the time July 20-something rolls around...
In other news, I got to hang out with my v. favorite people last weekend, when I went to the 'Have for Whim Tap brunch and hung with Po and Kendrick and Al. It was pretty hilarious, lots of fun, and we started a new blog b/c of it! The link's over there ----------> so check it out. You might not get most of it, but that's ok :o) It's still pretty funny.
mmm....okay, wasting too much time, must do shit now...latah!

Monday, April 04, 2005

i'm going to screw up my kids...

hey guys....
so. today was poopy. let me assure you, it is nooooooooot fun being surrounded by people who analyze everything allllllllll the time, b/c then you end up analyzing everything allllllllll the time, and it's just one big headache. ugh. oh! and then, yesterday at my bf's grandparents' house, his uncle informed me that the children of psychologists/psychiatrists have higher rates of suicide then the normal population. !!!. I mean, I kind of understand why that might be the case, but I also like to think that I'm not going to doubly screw up my kids b/c I'm more in tune with the human psyche! Oy.

sorry i don't have anything witty to say about the happenings of the world of late, but I've been kind of out of it. like, out of the loop of world events, but totally immersed in all things 'crisis intervention' and 'cognitive behavioral assessment'. aren't you jealous? i know, i know...;o)
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