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Tuesday, November 08, 2005

well, whaddaya know...

Yikes. Go figure that my last post was about how ready I was to go back to school, and since school started I've been too crazed to post anything to my lovely readers! (are there any readers anymore? if not, I wouldn't blame you, since this freakin' page has looked the same for the past 2+ months)
So. This semester is harsh, which I knew it would be, I'm taking tons of crap I have no interest in, which obviously makes it soooooo easy to get my work done, since I'm so enthralled. Also, I'm working at a college counseling center, and am finally starting to feel like a psychologist, but, newsflash, it's hard and exhausting to be a psychologist. So, I'm tired, but excited that I'm starting to do things, but it's tiring. And I've joined a singing group, the Queens Chorale, which takes up more time, too. I'm still glad I'm doing it, because I needed to be singing, it makes me feel a lot better in general (you know, self care and all of that), but it's sad b/c I'm sort of too busy and wrapped up in all my school stuff to really get to know the girls in the group, which is part of what I wanted to join it for, you know? But it turns it that it's not just me, I was talking to Amanda, who's at my practicum with me, and she said that she feels the same way, like we're too busy, and then too tired, to be social creatures anymore, which is bad, b/c you always feel better when you're around people and laughing and sharing and stuff, but lately that just seems like more work. I just want to come home and sit, and watch reality TV. (and Gilmore Girls, and Nip/tuck).
Well, but anyway, I'm still alive everyone! I've been having several judgmental thoughts about Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes (I really think I should buy a "Free Katie" shirt, she is soooo brainwashed), and I've been reading www.pinkisthenewblog.com religiously, that is such a funny website, if you're like me and love reading about celebrity gossip and are slightly embarrassed by it, but you still do it anyway, check it out! And B and I have been taking ballroom dancing lessons at Arthur Murray, soooooo much fun, I absolutely love it, and we're pretty good too, which is surprising, and helps it to be fun :o).
And I'm actually going home for Thanksgiving this year! This might not seem like a big deal, but I didn't get to go home last year, and it was sad to me, and I've been feeling this tug to go home that I just couldn't shake off, so I bought my ticket yesterday, and I feel so much better. I definitely need a respite, and I miss my family, so I'm looking forward to the trip. Yay!

So here's a picture of my Halloween costume. I was a 60s-era go-go dancer (i had boots on later) with beauty-queen aspirations. Ironically, no one even asked me what I was at the party I went to! Ha!


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