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Wednesday, February 22, 2006


so, it's been awhile.
i've been pretty busy/dealing with a lot of stuff and it's been hard to figure what to say here. there's sort of too much after i've missed a few weeks, you know?
i've been having a love/hate relationship with school lately. I sort of despise it at this point, though I'm enjoying the actual work that i'm doing at my practicum. but the academics, the reading, the impending comps and dissertations and internships and licensure...that stuff makes me want to crawl under a blanket with my DVR and never come out. it's really hard at this point to feel that if i didn't get this degree i'd be sad about it later, though i know that's true.
i have a client at my practicum who had a major breakthrough last week, and she was visibly nervous that she wouldn't get to come anymore because things have changes so much for her since we started working together. it really made we want to cry, b/c i could feel so strongly in the room how much our relationship has helped her and freed her and made her stronger. it was incredible to feel that i had done something significant for her, and that's what keeps me going to class and reading the thousands of pages and dealing with the fears of whether or not i can cut it. and today my supervisor praised me (a rare occurance) for the way i dealt with a pretty severely ill client. she told me she was impressed that i wasn't scared of how ill this person is and could sit with and deal with it, and that i assessed her well. it was like the heavens had opened up and a golden light was shining around me, it was awesome. of course it remains to be seen how well i handle her tomorrow, but at least for tonight i can feel like i'm doing something right.
you know, i think i need a vacation. someplace tropical. things have felt so crazy lately, and i've felt kind of drifty (not sure that's really a word) and ambiguous and vague and unsure. not cool.

i found another funny website, snipets of conversation that people her around nyc. it's hilarious, if you browse around a bit you can find some real gems! I'll post the link over there ------>


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