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Thursday, June 30, 2005

Tom Cruise is a kook

Hiya. So the link below
CNN.com - Psychiatrists: Cruise comments 'irresponsible' - Jun 27, 2005
is to an article talking about the APA's response to Tom Cruise's inane comments about psychology/psychiatry and antidepressants, and saying that psychiatry is a "pseudo-science" and there's no such thing as a chemical imbalance. Now, I watched the video first, to see if he could actually be serious, and he is! This self-righteous, narcissistic man actually believes that he is right, and why? Because he's "done the research" and "learned the history" of psychiatry. Now, granted, there are some shady things that went on early in the development of psychology/psychiatry, but that doesn't negate the fact that therapy and medication does actually help people, and that fact has been well-researched and documented! And, let's not point out that Mr. Cruise's adored Scientology (the basis of most of his psychology bashing) was founded by a science-fiction author. Yes, you read that right. I mean, come on!!
So, I had to rant about that because the man is really disgusting and short, and I needed to complain about it. (I'm also annoyed b/c this is really making me have second thoughts about seeing War of the Worlds, which I want to see b/c of the story/premise/etc., but don't want to see b/c this idiot cradle-robber is in it, and a stand must be taken!! *sigh* It's hard fighting the good fight...)

Tuesday, June 28, 2005

Check This Out, too.

Greetings for the third time today! (that must be a record :oP)
So, I'm soooo close to being done with my Professional Development exam, yay! Just need about a page more of b.s. and it's done!
But, I needed a break, and I've been meaning to tell you guys about this website called "PostSecret" that is really great. There are these people in Iowa or someplace who have people send them anonymous postcards with secrets on them that people have never told anyone and they post the best ones on the blog. Some of the stuff is really shocking, really sad, but all very real, and familiar in a lot of ways, which I think is the scariest part...
Anyway, it's a real study in human frailty, and strength, which I find beautiful and inspiring, so check it out.


I like pictures

Okay, so I don't know if y'all know this about me (yes, I just said 'y'all', deal with it), but I used to think myself a photographer, and have always really loved pictures and taking them, and looking at them and pondering them, and so I just found this site that is just this guy's pictures, and how he took them and what he thinks of them, which i think is great, so I thought I'd share....so here you go!


(once, I took about 3 rolls of film just of the clouds at my grandma's house in the country. My mom almost killed me for "wasting" all that film, but I had the best time doing it. :o) )

Captain Anne Kidd speaking...arrrrrrr!

Haha!! So, I'm writing my Prof. Developmental final, which means I'm obviously also surfing the web, and I found this girl's blog that's called "Alecia, with an E (the way it should be)" and felt immediately compelled to correct the poor girl's obvious error, but I didn't, and instead found a link to a quiz that tells you your pirate name! Fun! (Also, kinda stupid, but IMHO that's what makes anything fun, really.)
So, if I were to drop everything and become a pirate, Anne Kidd would be my name. Not bad...it could be a little sexier, but, at least I'm a captain. That's pretty sexy. ;o)

fidius.org: What's My Pirate Name?

Saturday, June 25, 2005


Hi people!
So I've had quite an exhausting week, let me tell ya. This past weekend Byron and I moved to a new apartment...it's in the same complex, but on the second floor, yay! We have now escaped the loud and heavily trodding family who lived above us for the past year, and are also not being subjected to the various horrors of living above a basement where the maintenance staff likes to hang out and, based on context clues and deductive reasoning, do their laundry (don't ask).
So, you'd think that moving would be easier when you're only moving a little ways down the street and you don't need a moving van, right? Wrong. We now have tons more stuff than we did when we moved in a year ago, and B refused to let me buy boxes because he's cheap (which is, granted, a good thing, since I'm not), but because we had no boxes, we had to make tons of trips, using the same few crates and boxes that we already had...ohmigod...not fun...It took 2.5 days, with the help of B's dad and cute younger brother, George, who is my new (and old) favorite person. I love him, he's a sweetheart. That was Friday, half of Saturday, and Sunday.
On Saturday afternoon we all headed into Queens for a dinner at B's grandparents' house, which was a lot of fun, but didn't allow for much rest, and then early Sunday morning we were back here finishing moving. And by we, I mean me, in that B and his dad painted our bedroom (which looks very nice in "Berry Red") while I lugged everything else out of our apartment. Oy.
Then! On Monday, still on about 8 hours total sleep for the past 3 days (I'm exaggerating, but it really wasn't much sleep) I headed to the library to write 2, count 'em 2, papers that were due on Tuesday. This is not a fun task to begin with, but just imagine the joy I felt doing this while my muscles were aching from moving, and my head was pounding from exhaustion. It was not pretty, long story short. But I got it done, I don't know how, and I don't know if those papers are coherent, but whatever. So then, on Tuesday I had to get ready to do a panel presentation on "Dual Relationships and Boundary Crossings" for my Professional Development class, and then Wednesday did the freakin' panel, which basically means that we (my group) taught the class stuff instead of the prof. Awesome. And then Friday was the last day of my crap-ass practicum, thank the lord! I was so glad to get outta there, you have no idea!! So, that was my week. Jealous? ;o)
But the good news is that now I'm starting to feel like a (pseudo-) sane person again, and can feel the stress level going down slowly but surely. I still have some work due next week (the last week of summer classes!) but it's nothing compared to last week, so I'm cool. And I went and reserved my copy of book 6 (HP) on Thursday, so I'm excited about that, because when it comes out, I will have just gotten back from going to a Weezer concert with Po and Kendrick and Byron, and celebrating his birthday, and will be about to go and visit home for a week before going to El Salvador for Tanya's wedding! The end of July is gonna be soooooooooo crazy and fun, I can't wait.
So, I know this post has been a big yawn, but I promise next time I'll make some judgmental comments about celebrities or something!

Thursday, June 16, 2005

hot people

so, as you'll notice, I changed the title of my blog, thought I'd switch it up a bit, you know, live on the edge...i find that real-life phrase, which can be found...well, it'll be more fun if you try to figure what it's from, but anyway, i find it v. funny, i'm not sure why. do you think it's funny? wait. i don't care. :o)
so, i forgot to tell y'all that i saw Mr. and Mrs. Smith last weekend. It was good, I enjoyed it, and not just b/c I found myself at times mesmerized by how hot Angelina and Brad are. I mean, really, they are incredibly good-looking people, I now totally see how their whole sordid affair began. I mean, they're hot, super-hot, and are running around sweating and holding guns. Duh.
But seriously, it's an entertaining movie, even aside from the eye-candy...
now, on the flip side, I was reading this month's Marie Claire (which actually has Angelina on the cover...I swear I'm not obsessed!) and I was reading this article on plastic surgery in China? Apparently it is the norm to get your eyes and nose done. And not just done, done to look like a "westerner" (read: white person). Women actually don't get hired for good paying jobs unless they've made themselves look less Chinese, and this one woman 'won' a contest for the "ugliest person" (and honestly, she was sooooo not ugly, not even close to being close to ugly) and was given $17K worth of surgery, and her boyfriend, her boyfriend, said to her "Don't worry, there's no way you can look uglier after the surgery"!!! I mean, ohmygod!! What is wrong with people?? And then there's a pageant just for people who've had plastic surgery done, and apparently it's like 100 times worse than "The Swan" if you can believe that...That article really shocked me...I don't think I'm doing it justice since I'm half asleep, so just go find a Marie Claire and read it. Seriously, it makes you realize how lucky we really are in this country, even with all the crap going on here...*sigh*
alright, again why am i posting now?? ugh. bye.

Monday, June 13, 2005


Hola! What's up? I've been reading all of my friend's blogs and am realizing two things: 1) I really should post more, even if whatever I have to say is stupid and 2) my life is really boring, I think! *sigh*

So, I should be reading about emotions right now, an article by this guy name Zajonc (I'll give you $5 if you can guess how to pronounce that!...ok, maybe not $5, but my eternal love and admiration?), but I don't want to, so I won't.
Instead I've been watching the View, and it's weird, b/c that show kind of annoys me, but whenever I'm home at 11, I watch it, without fail. What is with that? I don't know...But at least Barbara Wawa wasn't on today, I think she's the one that really irks me...I mean have you ever listened to her talk? It's horrible....

So last Wednesday I was being a good friend and also trying to feel like I go out and do things, so I went into the city to see KV's play off (off-off?) Broadway. I met up with Issy at this random restaurant I found on Theatermagic.com, a website which I didn't even know existed before, and so probably should not have blindly trusted with restaurant recommendations, but it worked out well, the place was really nice, I had some delightful blackened shrimp and sauteed mushrooms, and it was good to see Issy and catch up. I'm glad she's back on this side of the country for awhile, b/c I like her, she's fun :o).

But then...oh, then was the play...it was really such a bizarre experience! Basically, this guy, who is really a composer and guitarist, wrote a whole lot of rock music and then decided to write a weird play (oh, excuse me, "rock opera") with a weird plot so that people would sing his songs, but really the whole show is just about this guy's music, and the band is like 10 times louder than the voices, and the plot makes no sense, and KV didn't even have a part 1/2 as good as she deserves, but whatever. So, it was kind of bad, but KV knew that and actually warned us ahead of time, which did make it more entertaining. But surprisingly, the thing I got most out of the trip was the realization that I really like NYC in the summer, and as much as I poo-poo actually living in the city, I actually do like it there...so that's given me something to ponder...hmm...

what else...well, I'm starting to get really excited for my friend Tanya's wedding in El Salvador in a little over a month, and I've realized with a bit of panic that I need to wear a bathing suit soon, ack, so long story short, I've become obsessed with Pilates...well, re-obsessed, b/c I did it pretty consistently when I was home for a year, but then dropped it when we moved here, and now am realizing that it's a wonderful thing that I should always do, so now I'm back in it. Woohoo!! However, I'm also remembering why I stopped exercising, in that it is really not a pleasant thing to do, at all....uck...it's too bad eating potato chips and cheesecake doesn't make you bikini ready, cuz I'd be alllllllll over that :o)
okay, blah blah, I'm boring...more later!

Wednesday, June 01, 2005

why do i update now?? (b/c i'm stupid.)

hi kids! it has been almost a month since i last posted, so i am almost certain that nobody ever looks at this blog anymore, but that's okay, really it is...i mean, after all, we do have lives to lead and all...
so, even though though i haven't posted in awhile, i have been thinking about posting, and have many things to comment on. I'm sure I'll get tired of commenting on all the things on my list before i get through the whole list (especially since it's almost 1am and I have to be up at 7:30--see post heading), so first, let me tell you the list, so that you can be intrigued and curious, and maybe leave a comment to let me know that someone actually is reading this!

List of things I want to comment on:
1) moving
2)dogs (toy malteses in particular) and sadness
3)high school bands
6)the beach
8)weird-ass dreams. no, seriously, they're freaky.

1)Okay, so we're moving to a new apartment in two weeks. In the same apt. complex, much to my chagrin, but it'll be on the 2nd floor, which will get rid of one of the huge reasons why i wanted to get the hell out of this apartment/apt. complex, the horribly loud people (and their children) who live upstairs. and i don't want to make it sound like i don't like children, or even loud people, because i have been both at one/several points in my life. but. they are so loud, and in weird ways, like dropping what sounds like a cement block on the floor, repeatedly, in the middle of the afternoon. Or doing what I am almost certain are laps around their bed at 7 am on the weekends. Or pacing right above my head, on the creakiest of creaky floor boards when I'm trying to sleep, again at 7 am. Or singing at the top of their lungs and very high register right outside of our poorly fitting front door with their equally high pitched friends for hours on end when I'm trying to do my reading...etc, etc., trust me the list goes on....so anyway, in two weeks, i will hopefully never again experience any of the afore-mentioned things.

2)So, the sad thing is, this apt. complex doesn't allow pets, and i was getting sooooo excited about moving out of here and to a place that allows pets so that i can get my beautiful little maltipoo puppy that I'm going to name "Baby" (don't tell Byron)...but, we're staying here, so no puppy. this saddens me endlessly. :o(

3)last week we went to see B's youngest brother's band concert, and it was bizarre, b/c it felt sooooooo familiar to me. I was in tons o' bands/orchestras in middle and high school and it made me miss being a musician...it also made me miss songs that are in tune, but that's another story. B's brother was good, though.

4)Ohmygod. Gilmore Girls finale. Amazing. I love that show. I'm finding myself hating Rory a little bit, due to jealousy that she has the uber-rich grandparents, the hip-but-caring mom, the uber-rich hot boyfriend, the girlish figure, and the luxury to take a year off from Yale and squat in said grandparents' swanky pool house. Yes, I said swanky pool house. Exactly. But, seeing as I'm jealous of a fictional character, I told myself to get over it and stop hating. I know i would NOT be complaining if that were me.
And the Lost finale. Ohmygod. I almost peed myself several times, and was totally engrossed. However, J.J. Abrams did a very tricky thing by answering/solving about zero of the mysteries and just making everything more confusing and stressful and anxiety-provoking. But I love it. He can yank my emotions around anyday.

5)nip/tuck is a good show. i like it. that is all.

6) i want to go to the beach. do you have a beach house? can i come to it? now?

7)i don't know what i wanted to say about weddings. except that in theory i'm going to have one, and am realizing that it will be fun and also terrible to plan the amazing affair that i'm cooking up in my subconcious mind, which also is apparently living in a world where money grows on the trees in our courtyard. oy.

8) oh the dreams. they deserve their own post, which i promise will be forthcoming, my dear reader. Let me just say that in the past 4 nights, i have dreamt about Paris Hilton and Nicole Richie dueling in a movie theater about who had a better Hello Kitty boombox, taking my dogs to the ob/gyn, a swanky affair with my parents, Lindsay Lohan, and Mona from Who's the Boss, and a bomb scare involving a bus, an airport, and my grandmother. Oh, also a clogged chimney that tried to drown my fiance in tar. Oh, and the Amazing Race, which I was running with my mom, my grandmother, and a Latina woman I'd never seen before. Are you intrigued? Confused? Scared? Tired? Yeah, me too.
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