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Thursday, March 31, 2005

Have you heard about this yet??

Hi guys! Okay, so my friend Maggie linked to this blog entry a few days ago, and I was bored, and I went and looked at it, and was immediately sucked into it, as I'm sure you will too, if you go take a look. Make sure to read the whole thing, not just the first entry, so you can see how the whole things plays out.
And then, after I read the whole thing, I'm like, "Um, wait, what the hell website is this anyway? Who's "A Week of Kindness"? So, I look at Meet AWOK, only to find that I probably know these people!! One of the people in the group is my friend Po-Po, and I am almost sure that I have met at least some of the people involved in the whole debaucle (which you will soon read about) at various gatherings of hers! So weird.
Okay, so take a look, tell me if you got sucked into the 'saga' (I'm serious. Comment! Please?). It's pretty hilarious, and really shows you how scarily powerful the internet is....whew.

A Week of Kindness Blog: Laura K. Krishna is a Plagiarist.

Sunday, March 20, 2005

*sigh* (and dogs)

Hi everyone...
so, since i'm posting, i'm obviously avoiding doing whatever I'm supposed to be doing, which is writing a paper. a paper that i don't understand the point of and am thereby resisting. I've been here at the library since 1, when it opened. I'm surprised that I actually got myself here on time and when I planned to, but since then it's all been downhill, heading straight for the pooper.
i have typed one more page in this hour and a half, which is v. good considering that for at least 30 min. of that time, I've been looking at dog breeder's websites and daydreaming about the maltese puppy i will soon (well, not that soon) be the proud and loving owner of. The bf finally caved about getting a dog. It was really only a matter of time, really, and fortune smiled on me when we were leaving the mall last weekend and walked past a little pet store, complete with the most adorable little puppies you have ever seen. ever. So we looked at them and I fell in love with all of them, and then we left, and he said, without me hinting at all I swear!, that he was okay with us getting a dog! yay! i knew he wouldn't be able to say no once he saw how cute they are. oh, yay. but of course we first have to move to a place that allows pets, but until then i can spend my time browsing the selection...much more enjoyable than writing about my organizational psych class. blah blah blah.

Monday, March 14, 2005

spring break! woohoo!

so it's spring break from school this week! woohooo!!! let's go get drunk and naked in a tropical location!!!

or...not. yes, that's right, it's spring break and i am still here. in new jersey. where it's cold. and there is no sand in sight. *sigh*

and ironically, today was like the most stressful day i've had in awhile. i saw my first client today, which i was supposed to do a month ago, but the first person i was assigned flaked out. so, today was judgment day, and i had to, for the first time, pretend to be an actual psychodynamic therapist. and let me just say: whew. it wasn't as bad as i thought it would be, mostly b/c the client had a lot to say and basically talked over me the whole time. oh joy. and tomorrow i have my first ever supervision session, and i have no idea what to expect. ack. woohoo spring break. ;op

but, on a lighter note, tonight i'm going into the city to catch up with some of my a cappella girls from yale, so that'll be fun. they're hilarious and weird and crazy, and i miss them, so i'm excited. woohoo!! spring break!

Thursday, March 10, 2005

Wow...look at this!

Hi peeps,
So, I haven't really been posting, as you may have noticed, and as, you also may have noticed, I promised not to do...but alas...I'm lazy. :o)
So, anyway, I have been reading my 'friends' blogs (I say 'friends' b/c many of them I haven't spoken to in a year, and they don't even know I read their blogs, but whatever. I know them. They're acquaintances. Blah.) Anyway! This one friend of a friend just posted the link to Rosie O'Donell's blog today:

and I find the fact that she has this blog very amusing. A Warning: It's all written in beat poetry, which is why I have only skimmed it and might never read it :o), but the effort she puts into it I most definitely admire (since I can't even post once-a-week, apparently!). So here's a link to her blog, so you can at least read her's when I keep disappointing you with a lack of new witty musings :o).

Meter Who Links Here