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Tuesday, November 30, 2004

I feel blue

it's been awhile...

How was your Thanksgiving? Mine was good. I went to my boyfriend's grandparents house, avec various aunts and cousins and we had a nice little gathering. My bf's grandma makes some damn good stuffing, I must say. How is it that grandmothers can cook so freakin' well? It's like magic.

So, that was, what, 5 days ago? It seems like longer. My mind is totally fried right now, only to get more fried in the next two weeks. It's finals time and it blows. I must must must turn my brain back on! It was working before, but now, I think it's failed me for good. I just feel so blah! Like I can't churn out anything that makes any sense, you know? And now I need to go do a therapy session with a 12 year old when all I can think about is all the reading that's sitting in my bag untouched and unread and unlearned by me, and the next paper that I need to write when I get home tonight...

This isn't fun. Why aren't I having fun?

Friday, November 19, 2004

stream of consciousness...

wow. it's been on the news for a few days now, but did you hear about those kids who threw a freakin' turkey out of a moving car and put this poor, innocent woman in a coma? a coma! she was just driving home, minding her own business, and gets knocked unconscious by a 20 lbs. turkey slamming through her windshield. it would be almost funny if it hadn't actually happened, you know? uck.

on a brighter note, i'm going to see my boyfriend's brother's high school play tomorrow night, that should be fun. it'll take me back to those wonderful days of my own high school productions, fine pieces of theater that they were :o)

and then! then, i get to churn out 5 pages of bull about how i'll use psychoanalytic theory in my work, which i won't actually be doing for another 5 years. riiiiiiiiiiight...

hey, is anyone else itching to start playing their holiday CD's? i think it's about time to start looking for my mariah carey christmas album. nothing spells the holidays like m.c. riffing gratuitously :o)

Thursday, November 18, 2004

grow those brains

so, today i was doing some parenting counseling, and i was telling the couple about the importance of engaging with their baby (reading, playing, singing, holding, hugging) to her brain development, and they just thought that was the funniest thing. They kept asking me: "The brain? How? Are you sure?" and I managed to pull some (true!) stuff out of my ass about activating neurons, and how the simplest things that they do can stimulate her brain more and make a big difference in how her mind develops, and i think i actually got them to believe me! i was so proud. i actually felt like i made a nice little difference today, so that was awesome.

then, though, i was less awesome and managed to drive 30 minutes past my second home visit, which was oh so brilliant. and it turns out it's about 15-20 minutes from me, and i still haven't figured out that you really shouldn't trust mapquest. it's evil. so, anyway, i didn't make that one, needless to say, so i just got to drive around in traffic for an hour and a half. joyous.

but, anyway, i felt better today about whether or not i can actually do this job, so yay.

Wednesday, November 17, 2004

11 hours!

hey you two people who read this :o)

so, i spent about 11 hours in the psych building today. straight. it was less then pleasant, let me tell you. Over the course of those 11 hours I felt a myriad of things, to include: tired, cold, nervous, confused, hot, icky, annoyed, (fairly) competent, extremely caffeinated, hungry, thoughtful, insightful, and amazed that i had been in that freakin' building for 11 hours.

but now i'm home, but in the a.m. i have another super long day b/c i'm a big pushover and can't say no to long-ass irrelevant conferences that i don't need to go to!! ugh!!! and then i have two clients to see, one of whom i have absolutely no clue what to do with b/c these crazy people around here just throw you into stuff knowing full well that you don't actually know what the hell you're doing...whew. okay. long story short, it is damn hard being in doctoral programs. someone should have warned me.

anyway, i came home and flopped on the couch and watched 'lost', which is an awesome show, but at moments bordered on cheesy tonight. that's okay, i forgive them, it's still great, and you should totally watch it if you don't already, trust me :o).

peace out.

Tuesday, November 16, 2004

star jones is a crazy bitch

okay, so i was half-watching "the view" this morning, and they were still talking about star jones' freakin' wedding, and from what they were saying, i came to several unsettling, but probably accurate, conclusions:

1. star's wedding ring could be seen from outer space, which, if she were someone i loved, i would say was awesome, but since i most definitely don' t love her, i will say is showy and pretentious.

2. there was a very long list of rules for attending this wedding. like it was boot camp or something!

3. it was apparently "against the rules" for joy behar to wear pants to the wedding (um, excuse me, but are we in the 19...some decade when women couldn't wear pants?!?). but this was not actually a punishable offense, which leads me to...

4. it was strictly "against the rules" to bring a camera to the wedding or reception. however, joy, who i liked very much for breaking bridezilla's rules, snuck a camera in anyway, and then had star pose for a picture! ha!! and then, crazy star jones actually wrestled the camera out of joy's hot little hands. based on what i heard this morning, star jones had pummelled it into everyone's heads that cameras were absolutely forbidden, not even her family, or anyone could have a camera, and this offense, my friends, unlike wearing pants (oh, the horror) , actual made star say that she "wanted blood from the veins". Um, what????????

5. after the whole pants et camera fiasco, star seemed to imply that joy would be punished by not being invited to "the next thing". Oh my god! the woman's a power-hungry control-freak, and is also going to have another wedding!??? shoot me now.

alright, i'm done feeding the beast...carry on!

i think i know if i'm hungry, thank you

okay, maybe I'm wrong, but tonight my boyfriend tried to tell me I was wrong when I said I was hungry at 9 pm. Now, it's true that i ate dinner at 7 pm, but couldn't i be hungry again at 9? someone told me that after about 20 minutes of eating, your stomach feels full, even if maybe it's not, so what if that's what happened, and I just felt full but I wasn't? i mean, clearly, no matter what was actually going on, my boyfriend does not have the authority to tell me that i am wrong if i say that i'm hungry. right? right. ugh. he thinks he knows everything, but little does he know, i'm the one who actually knows everything. duh.

(and! he tried to prove me wrong by citing this study where these people with no capacity for short-term memory eat dinner until they're "full", like 5 times, and don't remember that they already ate, so they think they're hungry again...um, maybe i'm slow, but how does that prove that he's right unless i also have no short-term memory? hmm?? exactly. ugh, boys.)

Monday, November 15, 2004


huh. so, i'm leaning toward actually telling people that I have a blog soon, so I figured I should write some stuff.
well, for one thing, i have many things to say about pop culture crap that i shouldn't know about but i do know about because i'm....really cool. ha.
So, oh no, stop the presses, lindsay lohan and wilmer valderama are no more! now they say she's with chad michael murray, who i actually had a dream about a few weeks ago, after seeing that stupid "one tree hill" commercial one too many times. he's pretty hot. good for her.
also, i think i get way too excited when my tv shows come on...is that bad? i think it would be bad except that i'm trying to escape from the stress of my life right now by becoming absorbed into the nice stupid world of tv. yeah. cuz, i mean, it's hard trying to become a freakin' psychologist! did you know that? did i know that?
so, my tv schedule is as follows:
monday: trading spouses (fox), the swan (fox)/everybody loves raymond, csi:miami
tuesday: gilmore girls (wb, love it), biggest loser (nbc), amazing race (cbs-starts again tomorrow!)
wednesday: hmm...okay nevermind, that's stupid. you let me know if are actually bored enough to want to know how i attempt to numb my soul every night :o)
i think i seem bitter in this entry...maybe i am a little bitter, cuz i have a headache...i think i should drink some water.

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