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Monday, February 28, 2005

should i be working? yes. am i going to talk about the oscars instead? yes.

hey people.
so, the oscars were last night! i know a lot of people think awards shows are stupid, but why? why are they stupid? i think they're fun and full of people-watching and mightier-than-thou judgment-making about people who you're really devilishly jealous of. yes? yes. what could be better, really.
so, anyway, i think chris rock did a pretty good job. i laughed out loud a few times (which might not be much of a compliment coming from me, as i have been known to laugh at things that aren't that funny, but still...), and i say "well done!" to the fact that he made fun of a lot of people, and you're like "ooh, maybe he shouldn't have gone there" and then by the end of it, he's made fun of himself, too, and so it's okay. so, anyway, i think he brought some originality and, dare i say it?, black-ness to the show, which is a good thing. and the bit where he went to the Magic Johnson theater, and no one had seen any of the best picture nominees, but they all saw (and loved) "White Chicks"? And the fact that he didn't comment on it, but just put it out there? It was like Fahrenheit 9/11. (which i haven't actually seen, but i've heard that it's like a "here's what's happened, you be the judge" type of thing.) and! speaking of 9/11, i though the best thing was when chris rock compared the horrible job that Bush has done, and the fact that he was still elected, to a Gap employee who starts a war with Banana and has a trillion dollar defecit in their register, and then still gets to keep their job. ha! i love it.
okay, so what else. Yay for Jamie Foxx and Morgan Freeman, i was v. v. happy that they won. Yay for Charlize Theron's dress, and why did no one comment on how gorgeous it was?? Soooo gorgeous. And boo for the fact that everywhere you looked all night you saw Beyonce's face. I mean, yes, she's beautiful, flawless, etc., but why did she sing 3 freakin' times?? Why? I demand an explanation! Especially when she sang the Phantom song and was intro'd by the freakin' girl who actually sang the song in the movie!! I mean, *slap*. But, she did sound pretty good, and she looked good doing it, so I really can't fault her that much.

But I can say that Josh Groban sings like a goat. Unfortunate.

Thursday, February 24, 2005

let it snow, let it snow...

hi! it's snowing! I'm glad. I like it when it snows, still, like I was still a little southern girl who barely got to see that stuff. Isn't that weird? Even though I was forced to purchase my very first snow shovel, and have had to dig out my car several times (something that is about the least fun thing to do), I still like it when it snows, or at least when it's snowing. It's so pretty and quiet and peaceful looking...*sigh*

so, anyway, my client today, like, disappeared. I called before I went out to make sure we were on, like 10 minutes before I was gonna get there, and they answered, and everything was cool. And then, when I get there, I knock on the door for 15 minutes, and call and can hear the phone ringing and ringing inside, and no answer!! (oh, another time when snow isn't good--when you're standing outside in it for 15 minutes as the wind whips it in your face and down the back of your coat...yeah, I wasn't liking snow so much then). But anyway, isn't that weird? I waited around for 30 minutes and nothing! I was sort of worried, like maybe something was wrong, like she'd fallen and couldn't get up (!), but what could I do? I can't bust down the door or call the police, so I just left...But it's weird. I'll let you know what happened when I find out. I know you'll be waiting with baited breath until then.

one other thing that's annoying about snow? The fact that every news channel is acting like it's never snowed before and we must be informed every two minutes that it is in fact still snowing, and yay for their meteorologists for being right (this time) that it was gonna snow. I mean, seriously, aren't there real news stories? I know it's snowing, there's gonna be a lot of it, but it is not breaking news Channel 7. Just lettin' you know. :o)

tres bizarre...

Hiya. So, here are some things that leave me bewildered:
1) The Gates. Why? Why is it art? I mean, granted I haven't seen it, but I also don't so much want to see it. What is it? Drapery? And orange? Why? And 20-something miles of orange drapery? Why? I rest my case.
2) The current status of Luke and Lorelai's 'ship on "Gilmore Girls". They still haven't made up! It hurts to watch, really. Yet I cannot look away.
3) The Empire State Building colors. I saw tonight on the WB11 news that they're Green and Blue. What for? The only occasions I can think of are President's Day/Week (red, white, and blue, yes?) and Black History Month, which I doubt is particularly linked to the colors green and blue. Huh.
4) The fact that I'm already sooooooo done with being a student. I'm only in semester 2 of, like, a billion. You'd think my pacing would be a little better. Go figure.
5) The date. It is already almost freakin' March! What the hell? Where did the days go? Oy. Does anybody else feel like it really just should not be almost March already? I feel like I'm just starting to get back into things after winter break! (okay, not really, but you know what I mean. It was just Christmastime.)

Yeah, that's enough bewilderment for now, I believe. How is everyone? Whatcha doin'? :o) Do tell, so that I may live vicariously through you. ;o)

Tuesday, February 08, 2005


it has been waaaaaaaaay to long folks! though i know you have all (all...3 of you, now, maybe--my following is growing by leaps and bounds!) missed me horribly, it's actually a good sign that I haven't been blogging incessantly. why? b/c that means that i've been doing a lot of other things incessantly, and things that are actually going to help me get through this semester of school, so it's really a good thing. yes.
so, what's up with me? well, i'm glad you asked! i have been busy busy busy. school started up again a few weeks ago, to my utter horror, but it's not going too badly. I was working for about 2 weeks on a psychodynamic case formulation (which i turned in about 2 weeks late) that i was soooo nervous about, seeing as i don't think i really understand what all this psychoanalytic schlock is really about yet, but apparently i did okay, b/c i just got it back in my box today, and the prof said that it was, and i quote, "absolutely first rate"! ha! go me! so that just made my day, b/c i had no idea what the hell i was doing, but it turns out that i did okay. so yay.
so that was one of the things that i was doing instead of blogging. i was also...acquiring car number THREE, if you're keeping track. yes, that's right. Lola the Volvo is gone, and now, my dad's 92 Camry is now gone, and i am the proud owner (and by owner i mean driver and insurance payer) of a beautiful '03 Camry! I traded up, and man am I in love with this car. and i know that you really shouldn't love material (pseudo)possessions, but i love this car, and i'm not ashamed to admit it. so there. so yeah, last weekend the bf and i drove down to virginia to meet my parents half way so that we could switch. seriously, my parents are the nicest people ever. i still don't understand why they didn't just make me suck it up and figure out how to get around in the old car, and cross my fingers and hope that it didn't burst apart at the seams one of these days, but they didn't! my mother decided that she wanted me to have a newer car, b/c i'd feel better, and she'd feel better apparently, and so she got me this car, and i still have yet to shower her with all of the gratitude and awe that i feel at how extremely nice it was for her to do this...but anyway, do you even care about this? probably not. sorry!
mmm...okay, there's much more, but i need to read (and by read i mean watch last night's episode of "The Bachalorette", while holding my reading in my lap). i'll start posting more often though, seeing as i obviously don't have the patience to sit here and backtrack through all of the thoughts i've had that i should've blogged but didn't, so let's just nip that shit in the bud. ha...nip in the bud. that's a weird expression. :o)
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