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Wednesday, August 31, 2005

mea culpa

my apologies for being v. delinquent lately. i've been soaking up all of the relaxation rays i can from my month of vacation before starting school again, but i have to admit that at this point, i'm starting to feel the itch to be doing something actual again, to create something, or at least be learning something, writing something, pondering something, being evaluated for something...you know, the feeling that quickly dissapates the moment that first syllabus hits your desk ("Wait, how many pages?? When??"). But for now, at least, i'm feeling like i need to start doing stuff again, and soon, or i might actually start exercising regularly.
so...i read this great book that my friend who works at a publishing company sent me ages ago in a box of books that i wouldn't touch during school, since i wasn't even reading what i was supposed to be reading, but i finally was able to explore it's contents, and discovered "Good in Bed" by Jennifer Weiner. It's really v. good. I recommend it.
i've also been making brilliant use of my vay-cay time by getting to know the underappreciated channels, like 'We' and...well, that's the only one. But anyway, they have this show called "American Princess", and i remembered seeing commercials for it awhile back, and i thought it looked pretty dumb (which i should have taken as a definitive sign that i would love it) but i didn't actually see it until last week at about 1 am when i couldn't sleep b/c i hadn't gotten up til 11 that morning (don't shake your head at me, i'm on vacation), but anyway, it's pretty cute/funny. the premise (as far as i've surmised, since i missed the first episode) is that these girls are transported to a manor in england, where they're being taught poise, grace, etiquette, confidence, etc., all things that i think it can only help a person to learn, all the while getting to know 3 "beaus" (i kid you not, that's what they call them) who will ultimately take the 3 finalists to a grand ball, and then 1 of them will be crowned "the 1st american princess" and when tons of stuff. i think it looses a bit of its charm in the telling, but i like it, anyway. and another We network gem is Bridezillas. awesome show. (hmm, maybe that's not on We, actually...i'll look into that)
alright, well, i once again had the bad judgment to start typing at 1 in the morning, so now i don't feel like typing anymore, but i'll really try to post some of the other (more intelligent) things swimming around in my head shortly...i swear!


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