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Wednesday, January 12, 2005

long time, no blog...

oops, it's been awhile!

so, hmm...what's been going on. well, my car is gone. My parents drove alllllll the way up here this weekend, towing my dad's old Camry, and we traded. So now I'm driving the car that I learned to drive in, my sophomore year in high school. It's kind of a weird sensation, and also, many things are now broken in it, which is just delightful, hmm? Today I have to take my beautiful, overpriced, unneccesary rental car back, and I have to say that I'm mourning the impending separation :o(. If anyone's looking to buy a car, I recommened the 2005 Sunfire, and then, can you let me borrow it? :o)

What else, what else...well, the bf (btw, I technically should be calling him my fiance now, but it's easier to type bf, so just deal with it, you know who I'm talking about :o) ) and I went to visit my friend Po (in case you're concerned that someone might name their child after a Teletubby, that's not her real name, it's a nickname) and her boyfriend on Sunday, and we hung out and watched the first two LOTR movies and talked and caught up, and that was really nice. I need to visit people more, it makes me happy.

So, school starts again next week, on Tuesday, and all I can say is...UGH. I'm not ready to go back to doing work/do the work that I need to do by Wednesday that I've had, like, a month to do and haven't done yet. I have thought alot about it though, so that should totally count for something.

okay, so I won't feel like I'm doing my duty as a person who is unashamed to know too much about what's going on in celebrity's lives unless I mention at least in passing the big news of the weekend about Brad and Jen's doomed marraige. My initial reaction when I heard was "Oh, sad, no pretty babies!", b/c, let's be serious, I don't see any way that those two wouldn't have churned out some absolutely gorgeous kids that everyone would be insanely jealous of. Also, don't you think it must really suck to have everyone (esp. random people who write about it in their blogs like they have any relation to what's going on :o) ) talking about your love life or lack thereof? It's stuff like this, the fact that everyone and their mother knows that the two of them couldn't make it work, that really makes me not ever want to be famous. I mean, life is hard enough without everyone knowing and judging everything, or at least too much, about what you do and say. ugh, it must suck. But then, of course, they are millionaires and beautiful and get to act and travel and not worry about money. hmm...so maybe I'd be okay with being a little bit famous. :o)

Wednesday, January 05, 2005

irrelevant updates! yes!

i have a confession to make...i was way too excited that "Lost" had a new episode tonight. and then, it proceeded to confuse the hell out of me and make me nervous and jumpy, per usual, but i thoroughly enjoyed it. are you people watching this show? it's good, i say.

alright, so, remember how i said i hate my car? well, apparently it hates me more, because according to Jean-Pierre at Pep Boys, the engine is basically dead, and to replace the engine would cost more than what the freakin' car is worth, so...i'm not quite sure what to do about that except be really annoyed and pissed off about it, which is definitely sooooo effective at solving the problem, right? so now i have an uber-expensive rental car that i can't afford, even with the 46% discount, but, it is a 200x (not sure which year) Sunfire, with a CD player, and it's silver. So, even though it's expensive and not in my budget to be renting the car, I have to say, I'm also kind of in love with the car, b/c it's like my old car that I left at home, except new, and silver, and with a CD player, and it doesn't start vibrating when I go 70 :o). in short, i am experiencing some cognitive dissonance. ah well...c'est la vie.

so, i was so proud of myself this morning, b/c I refused to get up at 7:15 like I needed to, and didn't get up until 7:45 and was still out the door at 8:15! How did I do that? I have no idea, but I was quite impressed, if I do say so myself. (Nevermind the fact that i forgot my cell phone, which i had to have today, so i had to come back home half way to where i was going and ended up being late anyway. ahem.)

hmm...i think this is boring. is this boring? yes. well, but the jokes really on you, since you're reading it :o).

time to see which Friends episode is on tonight! toodles.

Sunday, January 02, 2005

I'm happy...but i hate my car.

hi :o) Happy New Year!!

so, i haven't written in a bit, but i've been very busy, coming home from visiting...well, home, and celebrating new year's and what not.

so, i got a great present for christmas (on Dec. 30, when I came back)...my boyfriend proposed! that's right, folks, i am now engaged, with the ring and everything. it's really exciting and fun, and i'm really happy and in love so yay :o)

what else...hmm, well, i hate cars. why? because my car is systematically trying to ruin my life. before i went home for the holidays, one of the tires, like, split all around the rim, i think because it was really cold, so in protest my car (which i had named Lola back when I liked it) apparently said "well, this is some shit, so i'll bust a tire so i don't have to do anything. cool?" ugh. so, i get back, all ready to put on the spare and drive it down to Pep Boys, but of course, the spare is flat, flatty flat flat. awesome. so, then, this morning we get all bundled up and are gonna drive the car to the gas station, fill it with enough air to make it to the tire place and get the whole mess taken care of. sounds easy, right? wrong. the freakin' car won't start! now, it is important to note that it started yesterday, when i turned it on to turn the wheel so we could change the tire. started like a dream, no weird noises, brilliant. and so today, nothing. so we're like, maybe it's the battery, so we try to jump it. nothing. so now, i have to call a tow truck in the morning and beg the people at Pep Boys to fix my pathetic, annoying, hateful car really fast b/c I have to go to my practicum on Tuesday morning. *sigh* i hate cars.

alright, so, i'm trying to figure out how to post pictures on this thing, so here (i hope) is a picture of my engagement ring...


This is the beautiful ring my wonderful fiance gave me. :o) Posted by Hello
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