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Tuesday, November 30, 2004

I feel blue

it's been awhile...

How was your Thanksgiving? Mine was good. I went to my boyfriend's grandparents house, avec various aunts and cousins and we had a nice little gathering. My bf's grandma makes some damn good stuffing, I must say. How is it that grandmothers can cook so freakin' well? It's like magic.

So, that was, what, 5 days ago? It seems like longer. My mind is totally fried right now, only to get more fried in the next two weeks. It's finals time and it blows. I must must must turn my brain back on! It was working before, but now, I think it's failed me for good. I just feel so blah! Like I can't churn out anything that makes any sense, you know? And now I need to go do a therapy session with a 12 year old when all I can think about is all the reading that's sitting in my bag untouched and unread and unlearned by me, and the next paper that I need to write when I get home tonight...

This isn't fun. Why aren't I having fun?


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