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Tuesday, November 16, 2004

i think i know if i'm hungry, thank you

okay, maybe I'm wrong, but tonight my boyfriend tried to tell me I was wrong when I said I was hungry at 9 pm. Now, it's true that i ate dinner at 7 pm, but couldn't i be hungry again at 9? someone told me that after about 20 minutes of eating, your stomach feels full, even if maybe it's not, so what if that's what happened, and I just felt full but I wasn't? i mean, clearly, no matter what was actually going on, my boyfriend does not have the authority to tell me that i am wrong if i say that i'm hungry. right? right. ugh. he thinks he knows everything, but little does he know, i'm the one who actually knows everything. duh.

(and! he tried to prove me wrong by citing this study where these people with no capacity for short-term memory eat dinner until they're "full", like 5 times, and don't remember that they already ate, so they think they're hungry again...um, maybe i'm slow, but how does that prove that he's right unless i also have no short-term memory? hmm?? exactly. ugh, boys.)


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