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Wednesday, November 17, 2004

11 hours!

hey you two people who read this :o)

so, i spent about 11 hours in the psych building today. straight. it was less then pleasant, let me tell you. Over the course of those 11 hours I felt a myriad of things, to include: tired, cold, nervous, confused, hot, icky, annoyed, (fairly) competent, extremely caffeinated, hungry, thoughtful, insightful, and amazed that i had been in that freakin' building for 11 hours.

but now i'm home, but in the a.m. i have another super long day b/c i'm a big pushover and can't say no to long-ass irrelevant conferences that i don't need to go to!! ugh!!! and then i have two clients to see, one of whom i have absolutely no clue what to do with b/c these crazy people around here just throw you into stuff knowing full well that you don't actually know what the hell you're doing...whew. okay. long story short, it is damn hard being in doctoral programs. someone should have warned me.

anyway, i came home and flopped on the couch and watched 'lost', which is an awesome show, but at moments bordered on cheesy tonight. that's okay, i forgive them, it's still great, and you should totally watch it if you don't already, trust me :o).

peace out.


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