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Monday, November 15, 2004


huh. so, i'm leaning toward actually telling people that I have a blog soon, so I figured I should write some stuff.
well, for one thing, i have many things to say about pop culture crap that i shouldn't know about but i do know about because i'm....really cool. ha.
So, oh no, stop the presses, lindsay lohan and wilmer valderama are no more! now they say she's with chad michael murray, who i actually had a dream about a few weeks ago, after seeing that stupid "one tree hill" commercial one too many times. he's pretty hot. good for her.
also, i think i get way too excited when my tv shows come on...is that bad? i think it would be bad except that i'm trying to escape from the stress of my life right now by becoming absorbed into the nice stupid world of tv. yeah. cuz, i mean, it's hard trying to become a freakin' psychologist! did you know that? did i know that?
so, my tv schedule is as follows:
monday: trading spouses (fox), the swan (fox)/everybody loves raymond, csi:miami
tuesday: gilmore girls (wb, love it), biggest loser (nbc), amazing race (cbs-starts again tomorrow!)
wednesday: hmm...okay nevermind, that's stupid. you let me know if are actually bored enough to want to know how i attempt to numb my soul every night :o)
i think i seem bitter in this entry...maybe i am a little bitter, cuz i have a headache...i think i should drink some water.


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